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4 July 2022
More about the city of Mersin

We will tell you about the largest port city in Turkey

11 December 2020

19 June 2020
Property prices in Turkey have fallen?

The thesis about what is happening on the real estate market of the Antalya coast of Turkey and what to expect next

13 April 2020
Alanya: details of the beautiful Kestel

A detailed description of one of the most tranquil and beautiful areas of Alanya - Kestel. Location, infrastructure, real estate.

27 March 2020
Kargicak: the most picturesque area of Alanya

Details of the youngest area in Alanya - Kargicak: location, infrastructure, real estate

17 March 2020
Antalya and Alanya Real Estate: Market Compare

Detailed current comparison of real estate markets of the two most popular cities in the Turkish Mediterranean - Antalya and Alanya