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  • Antalya, Konyaalty, Liman, Ataturk boulevard, Sumru Bashbudak, №.228, office 4
  • Working hours: 9.00-18.00
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Mustafa Demir
Director of the company
Mustafa Demir
Work experience in real estate: 12 years
Scope of responsibility: verification of documentation of facilities, contacts with sellers, conduct of transactions, post-sale services.
Languages: Turkish, Russian
Motto: reputation is the main thing!
Тел: +90 546 658 0707
E-mail: mustafa@villaantalya.ru

Yulia Gaevskaya
Sales Manager
Yulia Gaevskaya
Work experience in real estate: 7 years
Area of responsibility: advice on buying real estate, showing objects, conducting transactions.
Languages: Russian, Turkish, English
Motto: we work with the soul, otherwise it's not interesting.
Тел: +90 546 658 0808
E-mail: info@villaantalya.ru
Skype: Yulia Villa Antalya

Tatiana Oz
Sales Manager
Tatiana Oz
Work experience in real estate: 3 years
Area of responsibility: maintenance service, consultations.
Languages: Russian, Turkish, English, German.
Motto: order in work is our strength!
Tел: +90 546 658 0303
E-mail: tatiana@villaantalya.ru
Skype: Tatiana VillaAntalya

Svetlana Yalchin
Svetlana Yalchin
Tatyana Gedik
Tatyana Gedik
Ali Riza Aksoy
Ali Riza Aksoy
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