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The company Villa Antalya - a real estate agency, not simple, but excellent.
Because we, the Villa Antalya team, are always close to you, our customers!
We introduce you to the real estate market in Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer and other cities.
The task of Villa Antalya's manager is to give you all the necessary information.
We select real estate objects, taking into account your requirements and wishes.
We show you the most suitable and liquid options for apartments and houses.
We tell you from which real estate objects you can receive income by renting them, or reselling.
We show you apartments in which you will be staying permanently or spending your vacation comfortable.
We talk about all the pros and cons of this or that property option. Maybe this is wrong in terms of sales. But this is correct from the point of view of the human approach to work.
We help you in managing your apartment or villa. This is renting, repairing, calling technical masters, buying furniture, equipment and other services. The after-sales service package of Villa Antalya is almost unlimited.
With us you choose something from which every day spent in Turkey, your eyes shine.
Irreplaceable we have!
Mustafa Demir
Director of the company
Mustafa Demir
Work experience in real estate: 12 years
Scope of responsibility: verification of documentation of facilities, contacts with sellers, conduct of transactions, post-sale services.
Languages: Turkish, Russian
Motto: reputation is the main thing!
Тел: +90 546 658 0707
E-mail: mustafa@villaantalya.ru

Yulia Gaevskaya
Sales Manager
Yulia Gaevskaya
Work experience in real estate: 7 years
Area of responsibility: advice on buying real estate, showing objects, conducting transactions.
Languages: Russian, Turkish, English
Motto: we work with the soul, otherwise it's not interesting.
Тел: +90 546 658 0808
E-mail: info@villaantalya.ru
Skype: Yulia Villa Antalya

Tatiana Oz
Sales Manager
Tatiana Oz
Work experience in real estate: 3 years
Area of responsibility: maintenance service, consultations.
Languages: Russian, Turkish, English, German.
Motto: order in work is our strength!
Tел: +90 546 658 0303
E-mail: tatiana@villaantalya.ru
Skype: Tatiana VillaAntalya

Svetlana Yalchin
Svetlana Yalchin
Tatyana Gedik
Tatyana Gedik
Ali Riza Aksoy
Ali Riza Aksoy