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Real estate registration in Turkey

тапу и ключи
The document of ownership in Turkey is called TAPU (TAPU) and is registered in the cadastral committee of the city or town where you purchase the property.
The procedure for transferring ownership to a foreigner differs from the procedure for transfer of ownership to a Turkish citizen only by the compulsory presence of a sworn translator.
In practice, the transfer of ownership takes maximum 3 days. On the first day, the seller and the buyer, accompanied by a real estate agent, submit documents for the transfer of TAPU, on the second or third day, the actual transfer of ownership takes place.

Required documents:

1. Title deed of real estate (TAPU), which will be reissued to the new owner.
2. In case the buyer is a foreigner, his passport and passport translation, certified by a notary, is necessary.
3. A document issued by the municipality of the city / town, with the prescribed minimum value of real estate in this region.
4. Two photos of the buyer and one photograph of the seller.
5. Tax number in Turkey.
6. Data of a sworn translator

If you buy a property with the help of a specialist Villa Antalya, then you just need to have a passport with you. We take care of the collection and registration of all necessary documents.
When submitting documents for re-registration of ownership, the cadastral administration requests phone numbers for which a SMS message with the date and time of the TAPU transfer procedure comes. Usually SMS comes either the day after the filing of documents, or one day later.
In the procedure of transfer of TAPU, a sworn translator verbally transfers to a foreign buyer an act on the absence of mutual claims, which is then signed by both the buyer and the seller. After signing the act, TAPU itself passes. The new owner is entered into the cadastral book and given TAPU of his name.
Registration of property can be formalized with the help of a power of attorney. The power of attorney is issued either by a Turkish notary or abroad by the embassy / consulate of the Turkish Republic, or by a foreign notary, with an apostil and a photograph of the buyer.

Important information:

  • A foreigner may own a maximum of 30 hectares of land
  • TAPU can be entered as many owners as possible with equal or different shares
  • When buying an apartment you get one property right, which will indicate the property itself and your share of the land where the house or apartment complex is built
  • In the TAPU is not prescribed the exact address of the facility; only the city, the district, the cadastral number of the plot, the floor and the apartment number
  • The cadastral value of the object is indicated in the TAPU, often it is prescribed approximately twice less than the market value, in order to reduce the amount of the tax on purchase and sale.

Expenses for registration of ownership:

  • Tax on purchase and sale. Usually 4% of the cadastral value, till September 30, 2017 the state made a discount on this tax, and now it is 3% of the cadastral value.
  • Tax of the cadastre committee. In 2017, this tax can not exceed 226 Turkish liras.
  • Office fees of the cadastre committee - 400 Turkish liras.
  • Translation services. Passport translation and interpretation when transferring ownership are 100 Turkish lira.