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Communal payments in Turkey

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Dear customers of Villa Antalya!
After purchasing an apartment or a house, you will start paying for utilities.
We will tell you what expenses and what for expect you as the owner of real estate in Turkey.

1. Monthly payment for the residential complex services ("aidat")

The sum of the aidat consists of expenses for:
- the cleaning of the complex,
- control, cleaning and change of water in the pool (if available),
- control of service ability and maintenance of the elevator, automatically opening sliding gates, locks on the front door, security cameras, generator, etc.,
- maintenance of the fitness room, sauna, Turkish bath, etc. (in the presence of),
- payment of electricity and water spent on the territory of public use,
- payment for the services of the gardener,
- salary of the concierge, security guard (if available),
- cosmetic repair, painting of objects on the territory of common use as required.
The more developed the infrastructure of the complex, so, respectively, the higher the monthly amount of the aidat. The size of the aidat is agreed at the general meeting of the tenants of the complex and can not be changed by the management company during the year until the next meeting. Aidat is charged from the apartment and does not depend on the number of people living in the apartment.

2. Electricity

Electricity is paid for by an individual meter installed on the common territory of the complex. Indications are taken once a month. In the billed invoice, in addition to the meter reading and the total amount, the date to which the payment is to be made is indicated. In the case of arrears, electricity is cut off by company representatives. As soon as payment is made, electricity will be connected again, but an additional amount of 20 liras will be included in the next bill for disconnection and connection. AKDENIZ CLK ELEKTRIK has been involved in the connection of electricity and regulation of electricity tariffs in the Antalya region since 2015.

3. Water supply

Payment is also carried out by an individual meter. The connection to and regulation of water tariffs is handled by the city municipality, the department for water resources and wastewater management - ASAT. Along with meter indicators, the monthly invoiced bill also includes a tax on environmental protection.
Payment of bills for water and electricity can be made in cash without commission at any post office or via the Internet. If you have a bank account, payment can be linked to the account, and it will be withdrawn from your account automatically.

4. Gas

On the Antalya coast, gasification is carried out only in Antalya itself. But in Antalya, not all regions have gas. Local residents are accustomed to heating with air conditioners and electric heaters.
If you are considering an apartment for purchase in an area where there is gas, there may be three options for proposals:
  • Radiators, pipes and a boiler are already installed in the apartment, you only need to issue a subscription to your name and install a counter (the cost is about 1500 Turkish liras);
  • The gas pipes are routed to the apartment doors. According to your order, the company will install a boiler and radiators for the gas wiring. The total cost depends on the brand of the boiler and radiators and the number of rooms where pipes and radiators need to be installed (for an apartment 1 + 1 approximately 3000 Turkish lira in all rooms);
  • There is no gas in the house. Then it is necessary that at least 51% of the tenants consent to bringing gas pipes into the house. The total cost of diverting pipes from the main road to the house is divided into the number of apartments (the price varies between 200-1000 lira).
Payment is made monthly according to the indications of individual meters.

5. The Internet

  • Mobile Internet / 4G (the main providers are Turkcell, TurkTelekom, Vodafone). When buying a Turkish SIM card, you can choose a tariff with an Internet package (the minimum price is within 50 lira)
  • ADSL Internet (Internet connection to a fixed telephone line). The main providers are TTNet, Superonline. The minimum price is within 60 lira. The minimum term of the contract is 2 years.
  • Fiber optic internet (unlimited high speed internet). Connection is possible if there is already an infrastructure installed in the building. The main providers are TTNet, Superonline. The minimum price is within 80 lira. The minimum term of the contract is 2 years.