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Mortgage in Turkey

Dear customers of Villa Antalya, in case you do not have the opportunity or desire to pay the entire cost of the apartment / villa immediately, we will help you to get a mortgage loan from a Turkish bank.
Banks of Turkey are happy to lend to foreign citizens.

Important about a mortgage loan in Turkey:

  • The loan is issued in Euros, Dollars or Turkish lira;
  • The maximum loan period is 20 years. But if the mortgage loan is taken for more than 10 years, the interest rate rises;
  • The maximum loan amount is 50% of the estimated property value
  • You can repay the loan before the deadline, but the bank will fine the buyer by 2% of the amount of early repayment;
  • The interest rate of a mortgage loan in Euros and Dollars is 7.2% per annum.

Suppose you buy an apartment for 60 000 euros and draw up a mortgage for 10 years. The bank gives you 30 000 Euros at 7.2%, i.е. Per month you pay 352 Euro.

To apply for a mortgage loan, you need:

  • International passport
  • Copy of the internal passport
  • Turkish tax number
  • Document confirming the income of the buyer (Reference NDFL-2 and similar)
  • Credit history
  • Extract from the bank account to which the income comes
  • Certificate of ownership of real estate, cars and other things

The procedure for registering a loan in practice is as follows: the buyer sends us a scan of all the necessary documents listed above. They are translated by a professional translator. After that, we take them to the bank and wait for the consent to make out the mortgage. Within three to four days, the bank sends an answer.
To apply for a loan, you need the signature of the buyer or trustee. Usually a foreign buyer arrives in Turkey after receiving the bank's response, and spends on direct loan reception no more than one day.

Additional expenses:

  • Evaluation of the property by an expert - 600 Turkish lira
  • Insurance policy of the real estate object
  • Translation of required documents
  • Bank fees for work on credit registration - 2% of loan amount

Employees of Villa Antalya help you to arrange a mortgage loan and accompany you during the clearance procedure. This service is provided free of charge, as part of the after-sales package