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About Company
The company Villa Antalya - a real estate agency, not simple, but excellent.
Because we, the Villa Antalya team, are always close to you, our customers!
We introduce you to the real estate market in Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer and other cities.
The task of Villa Antalya's manager is to give you all the necessary information.
We select real estate objects, taking into account your requirements and wishes.
We show you the most suitable and liquid options for apartments and houses.
We tell you from which real estate objects you can receive income by renting them, or reselling. 
We show you apartments in which you will be staying permanently or spending your vacation comfortable.
We talk about all the pros and cons of this or that property option. Maybe this is wrong in terms of sales. But this is correct from the point of view of the human approach to work.
We help you in managing your apartment or villa. This is renting, repairing, calling technical masters, buying furniture, equipment and other services. The after-sales service package of Villa Antalya is almost unlimited.
With us you choose something from which every day spent in Turkey, your eyes shine.

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30 July 2020
Traveling in Turkey with a health code

If you are flying to Antalya or another resort city with a transfer in Istanbul or any other Turkish city, you will need a health code. How to get it, read here!

16 July 2020
Real estate in Turkey. June records. Statistics

The Turkish Statistical Institute has published data on the real estate market for June 2020. In June 2020, 190,000 properties were sold in Turkey. This is a record number.

8 July 2020
Real estate loan in Turkey breaks records.

The utilization rate of housing loans for real estate in Turkey has broken a record of all time.

19 June 2020
Property prices in Turkey have fallen?

The thesis about what is happening on the real estate market of the Antalya coast of Turkey and what to expect next

13 April 2020
Alanya: details of the beautiful Kestel

A detailed description of one of the most tranquil and beautiful areas of Alanya - Kestel. Location, infrastructure, real estate.

27 March 2020
Kargicak: the most picturesque area of Alanya

Details of the youngest area in Alanya - Kargicak: location, infrastructure, real estate